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Seed sowing

lks presented by Christine

Highlights of the Arctic - a talk looking at the scenery, wildlife and plants of the high arctic. If you think its all just ice, this talk will surprise you. 

Plants for attracting wildlife into your garden- A look at the plants to use to increase the number of insects and birds etc into your garden.

The Life and Times of a Gardener – This talk tells of the thrills and spills of a life as a gardener and broadcaster. It is entertaining and inspirational, often making people laugh and cry during the same evening.

How to Grow 2000 plants in a 20 x 30ft garden - How to grow lots of plants where you think you no longer have anywhere to grow more trees, plants and flowers.

Water Wise Gardening - Why should we water, when, how much, where, droplet size and all the detail you did not know about to make the most of this essential resource in the garden.

Making the most of your garden – Looking at all those things that make a garden really grow and be successful. Covering veg, fruit and flowers.

Container gardening - A talk that highlights the factors that make containers grow and flourish.

Glorious gardens from Above - A talk based around the highly successful TV series that Christine presented from a hot air balloon along with drones.

Gardens of the UK.

Herbaceous borders and their plants.

Seasonal colour - How to create colour all the year round.

Gardens in Winter - What to grow to ensure lots of interest and colour through all those dark months.

The Making of the TV series Christine’s Garden - How a TV series is put together and the stories involved in doing so.

Exotics for your Garden - A look at how to use and grow these dramatic plants for effect.

The Plants and views of the following countries – Chile, S. Africa, Mexico, Israel.

Plants from around the world.

Talks on areas of the UK - the gardens of: Essex, Cornwall, Warwickshire, Somerset, Yorkshire, N and S Wales, Devon, the Cotswolds, the Lakes. 

Bulbs for all year round colour.

I am able to carry out practical demonstrations on a whole host of topics

Seed sowing, Christmas house plant decorations, Containers for spring, summer, autumn, winter.
Plant propagation. Making sink gardens. 

Because of the time taken to collect demo equipment together my fee is higher than my lecture fee.
Please make contact if interested.



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