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 ISBN 978-0-85720-692-3


ISBN 978-0-56-353904-9


ISBN 978-1-84737-864-4



Christine Walkden's No-Nonsense Container Gardening

ISBN 978-0-85720-692-3 Published by Simon and Schuster
Finalist in 2013 Garden Media Guild's Practical Gardening Book of the Year Awards

No-Nonsense Vegetable Gardening

ISBN 978-1-84737-864-4 Published by Simon and Schuster

A Year in Christine's Garden - The Secret Diary of a Garden Lover

Hardback ISBN 978-0-56-353904-9 Paperback ISBN 978-1-84607-443-1
Published by BBC Books
e version available for downloading from Amazon

The Houseplant Almanac

ISBN 1-874027-02-1 Published by Locher Publishing, Moffat, Scotland

All available from good bookshops and on-line booksellers

Christine contributes to the BBC Gardener's World Magazine, Gardeners' Question Time pages on a regular basis


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