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Talks are available on the following topics:


Plants for attracting wildlife into your garden. A look at the plants to
use to increase the number of insects and birds etc into your garden.

The making of Christine's Garden - the TV series

A ramble through the potting shed- A talk on chemicals, fertilizers, composts 

Alpines for foliage 

Alpines throughout the year 

The diversity of alpines 

There's not just one way to grow an alpine 

How to make a sink garden 

Growing alpines 

Annuals and how to grow them

Annuals Borders 

Autumn colour

Bedding plants and how to use them.

Bulbs and spring bedding

Bulbs throughout the year

Climbing and wall plants 

Colour in the garden

Garden pests and diseases and how to control them 

Hanging baskets and container gardening 

Herbaceous plants and borders 

House Plants - Care cultivation and propagation 

How can I use herbaceous plants?

How to grow two thousand plants in a 20 x 30-foot garden? 

Lawn care 

Making the most of your vegetable garden

Organic gardening

Plant Associations 

Plants for difficult places 

Plants for the flower arranger 

Plant naming - Why, How and what it all means 

Plant propagation

The life of a gardener

The plant collectors and their plants

Water gardens and their plants 

Winter flowering trees and shrubs


Gardens of the following counties of England: -

I can talk just about one county or several depending on what you want:

Essex, Derbyshire, Cornwall, Warwickshire, Somerset,

Gardens of the UK


Gardens of the following countries:

Botanic gardens of the world

Gardens of the world

Gardens around the Mediterranean

Gardens of the Northern Italian Lakes

Gardens of the south of France.


Plants from the following countries:

Plants from around the world

Beautiful mountains and their flowers

Europe’s wild flowers 

Plants along the Silk Road

Plants from around the world

Plants from the Eastern USA

The plants people and views of Kashmir 

The land of the wandering hands - Plant collecting with the Kurds

The plants and people of China 

The Pacific North West Coast of the USA

The rock gardens of Czechoslovakia Plants and flowers of Tenerife 

Plants ,views, people of the following places:-

Colorado, California, Denver, Yugoslavia, Italy, Create, Turkey,
Greece both in the autumn and spring, China, Tenerife.

S, Africa. - The Cape and Namaqualand, The Drakensbergs,
The Large and small Karoo. Namibia.


I am able to carry out practical demonstrations on a whole host of topics:-


Seed sowing, Christmas house plant decorations, Containers for spring, summer,   autumn, winter.
Plant propagation. Making sink gardens.


Because of the time taken to collect demo equipment together my fee is higher than my lecture fee.
Please make contact if interested.


I am able to put together a talk on most subjects.
If you have a particular request or a specific subject please contact:



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