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Identification of Pests and Diseases


Course Aims


 At the end of the course you should be able to state:-


       How growing conditions influence susceptibility.


       How pests and diseases are classified and identified.


       How life cycles influence control.


       Symptoms of common pests and diseases.


       Where to obtain more information.


The day involves actual identification of a wide range of common pests and diseases. Trainees should come prepared to take part in practical sessions throughout the day.


It would be extremely useful if trainees brought with them for use during the day at least one of the following books -


Collins 'Photoguide to pests, diseases and disorders of garden plants' by Stephan Buczacki and Keith Harris. Published by Harper Collins ISBN 0 00 220063 5


The Royal Horticultural Society 'Pests and diseases' by Pippa Greenwood and Andrew Halstead. Published by Dorling Kindersley ISBN 0 7531 0366 6


Or any other book that you use for identification of pests and diseases.



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