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 Tree and Shrub Pruning



At the end of this one-day course you should be able to:-


       State the reasons why we prune trees and shrubs


       Give a list of pruning tools and state the size of wood for which they are suitable .


       State the factors which influence equipment selection.


       State checks that should be carried out before using tools.


       State the relevant H&S legislation and codes of practice influencing pruning.


       State the reasons for formative pruning.


       Identify the different types of unwanted growth in shrubs.


       Identify different bud types.


       Give reasons why trees/shrubs are pruned at different times of the year.


       State how to prune different types of shrubs depending on flowering


       State how to prune evergreen shrubs.


       State how to carry out renovation of shrubs.


       State the difference between crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting and dehorning.


       Express comment on the need to paint wounds or not.




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