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Two Courses for Farmers Markets

Course 1    Farmers Markets


Christine Walkden is an accredited instructor who is able to deliver this one-day course focusing on how to maximise sales. Looking at customer services, selling, merchandising and display.


Trainees receive a comprehensive course booklet to take back to their workplace. If they complete all the exercises on the day the Southern and South East England Tourist Board issue a certificate.


The contents of the course covers




       Focus on farming and farm retailing.


       Customer care in the market.


       Selling your product.


       What is the customer expecting.


       Selling skills.


       Merchandising and Display.


       Dealing with customer issues and problems.


       Maximizing the relationship.


       Action plan and course review.



Course 2    Fantastic Farmers Markets, Farm shops and
                   Village stores


This one-day course will equip businesses with the tools to increase sales, improve presentation and increase confidence in the market place.



       Why buy produce from a farmers market?


       What stops people buying from a farmers market?


       Methods to ensure excellent quality.


       How does the customer flow and shop/stall layout influence sales?


       Display techniques that excite and generate sales - Hot spots/cold spots.

   How does position on stall/shelf, pack size and point of sale material influence sales?


       How do we sell those goods?


       How to generate repeat orders.


       Common faults found in many displays.


       Question and answer session.



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